Monday, December 29, 2008

2 x 2 x 2

We've been joking around a lot about how we seem to get things in twos, so I thought I would introduce you to our other "twos" in the household!

This is Grey, our first addition. We adopted her in June of 2007. She's independent and only pays attention to us when her food bowl is empty ... and loves to crawl up my front when I'm brushing my teeth. :)

We couldn't let Grey be lonely, so we adopted Copper in September of 2007. She came free from a family who had too many kittens ... but we thought she was a boy until we got her fixed! Copper is a Daddy's girl and hardly ever comes to hang out with me.

We got a Shiba Inu for my parents in November of 2007, and decided that we loved the breed so much that we kept our eyes open for a reasonably priced one. We found Roxie on Craigslist in January of 2008 -- her "best friend" had been eaten by coyotes and her owners didn't want her to meet the same fate. Roxie is our polite girl, and she likes me the best.

We vowed to ourselves that we were done adopting, but Tony has always had a special place in his heart for Basset Hounds. As fate would have it, I happened upon a Basset Rescue website, and we fell in love with Willow. She had been abandoned twice before we got her in June of 2008. She's our biggest cuddler, but she's also the most destructive of our bunch when she gets left alone.

Why would we think that having children would be any different? God seems to give us things in twos. Roxie and Willow won the hearts of Tony's family while we were in Kansas -- I'm glad they were on their best behavior!

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