Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 Weeks

Here's the first belly picture! We can use this one as a reference point for "the way things used to be" when I get really big. I can see a difference already, but I think I'm the only one.

Tony and I want to give a big congratulations to his cousin, Brian, and his wife, Sarah. We thought we were going to have the first set of twins on Tony's side of the family, but God had other plans! Brian and Sarah just found out this week that their baby is actually babies also! And they're about 3 months ahead of us! Good luck, guys!


Jenia said...

One Comment: "What Belly????"!!!

You look great!

The Gerster Family said...

You look great! But I understand the "already feeling it" comment.

Just a may want to hide this picture right after look way too good right now!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the nod! We're praying for you guys!