Thursday, December 11, 2008

Double the Fun!

Now that we've told everybody our news, I guess it's time for the first post! I'll start at the beginning.

Tony and I found out that we were expecting on November 7th. How exciting, we thought! We're going to have a baby! We wanted to wait as long as possible to tell people, but by the third week of November I was getting sick enough to make my coworkers wonder. So we started telling people, one by one, in the most creative ways we could think of. Everybody is so excited and supportive of us!

On December 8, we had our first ultrasound. Sure enough -- there is a reason that I've been so sick during this pregnancy. Our doctor found TWO heartbeats! We had no idea, or any reason to think that we might get "lucky", but we're twice as excited now!

I'll keep you updated as we know more information. Of course, I'll include belly shots, but right now, I've only grown enough to make people wonder how much I ate for Thanksgiving. We love you all and are SO excited to share our babies with you.


Jenia said...

So glad you are keeping us up to date on the blog, i will check it regularly! Take Care, we will see you in a couple of weeks:) Love to you all!!!

I don't have near as much excitement to blog about but here is mine i started recently

The Gerster Family said...

I screamed so loud when Amanda told me! How fun...two little cashews!