Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Big Announcement

Like I said in my first post, Tony and I spent a lot of time deciding how to tell people that we're pregnant. For both of our families, it involved these t-shirts that I made:

We started by e-mailing Tony's family this picture. In the e-mail, Tony said, "We're thinking about getting a 'mini-van' this summer. Take a look at the attachment and let us know what you think." Get it? Mini-VanHorn? :)

Then we wore the shirts to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, where my sister and dad picked us up at the airport. My sister noticed right away, but it took the entire drive to my sister's house and a strong hint from her before my dad even noticed! I think it's okay, because I'm pretty sure he almost fainted, so I'm glad he was done driving when he figured it out. :) When we got to the house, my grandma and mom were there to see the big news as well. (Side note: Paula posted our news on her blog recently, too, plus some photos that she took of us ... Thanks Paula!)

My personal favorite was the way that I told my coworkers. In our devotion time at the beginning of the day, we have a time to share prayer requests. I said that I had a prayer request, and very seriously announced that we had discovered a growth in my abdomen. I really wanted to draw it out as long as I could, but I noticed that the coworker sitting next to me already had tears in her eyes for my "medical problem", so I quickly added, "we're going to give it about 9 months, and it should just pass naturally". Terrible, huh? I couldn't resist.

For other people, Tony and I had to come up with ways to tell them individually. Two of my sisters got a card with our big news on the inside. A lot of other people got calls from us, and Tony was way better than me at telling people in fun ways over the phone. ("Remember your theory about when we get a dog, we'll get pregnant? Well, we got two dogs ... so we're having twins!")

We had so much fun telling all of you! Maybe at our next ultrasound, we'll find triplets ... and we can tell you again!