Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Morning" Sickness

I don't know how bad the morning sickness was for any of the mothers who read my blog, and I'm sure some of you have had worse experiences, but I'm feeling sorry for myself and wanted to share "A Day in the Life" of myself right now. Here's looking at you, second trimester!

6:30 am -- Turn off my alarm
6:35 am -- Risk sitting up in bed
6:40 am -- Risk getting out of bed, usually because my bladder is going to burst
6:42 am -- Contemplate getting sick, but hope it will pass, which it has been lately
6:45 am -- Eat first breakfast
8:00 am -- Realize I'm starving; eat second breakfast
8:00 - 10:30 am -- Feel great!
10:45 am -- Contemplate getting sick, but decide to eat lunch instead
11:00 am -- First lunch
11:00 am - 2:30 pm -- Feel great!
2:30 pm -- Contemplate getting sick, but decide to have second lunch instead
3:30 pm -- Feel sick enough to go home early
4:00 pm -- Get home just in time to actually get sick for the first time
4:00 - 9:00 pm -- Lay on the couch contemplating getting sick again
5:00 pm -- First supper
6:00 pm -- Get sick for the second time of the day
7:00 pm -- Second supper
9:00 pm -- Get ready for bed, get sick for the third time of the day

Isn't pregnancy wonderful? :) Also, I want to add a little disclaimer about the number of meals I eat -- I promise that I can only eat about a cup of food at a time, so rest assured that I won't gain 100 pounds with this pregnancy!


Jenia said...

I can completely sympathize with you Heather! That sounds about like me when I was pregnant with Sydney only it was more like getting sick a couple of times before noon... yet I did it two more times:) Hang in there! It will be totally worth it!!! By the way a friend of mine used 'sickness band' that she wore on her wrists that seem to help with her morning sickness. I guess it has something to do with pressure points... maybe it will help. Love you!

mvanhorn said...

Praying it will get better as time goes on...
love, mitzie

The Gerster Family said...

Oh friend! I do remember feeling that icky. It does get better! Promise...though I know it doesn't seem that way yet. All through my first trimester I thought "And, WHY did I want to be pregnant?" LOL! Enjoy all your this point you can get away with it and still almost lose it all!

Sarah said...

Hahaha....I totally relate to the first and second meals!! That was me, too, first trimester! And now I know why!