Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tony and I are anxiously awaiting our ultrasound on Monday -- can't wait to see the little ones again! Last time we saw them, they were the size of kidney beans. Now they're the length of bananas, and weigh a pound each! I'm getting big, too, but I'll save that picture for another post when all the ultrasound excitement is over.

Since I don't like to post without a picture, here's an image of the onesie that a friend sent me the link to the other day. It's one of the definites on my "to get" list, when that time gets a little closer. They're just too cute to pass up!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello from Charlotte!

When my mom called today, she was shocked to find out that I was on a layover in Chicago. I guess I didn't inform many people that I'm on a business trip in Charlotte, NC right now! I'll be working over the weekend as the event planner on a conference that will host 700+ people. It's a bittersweet trip, because it's my last business trip before the babies come. I'll miss the team that I travel with more than anything. Anyway, pray for a successful conference, as the topic is quite controversial. I'll be back on Sunday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

18 Weeks

Happy Valentine's Day! Tony, the twins, and I send our love!
(Sorry for another "scandalous" photo.) :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Kicks!

I guess it's been a while since I gave a pregnancy update! I've been feeling "flutters" for about three weeks now, which is very exciting for me, but of course Tony couldn't feel them. I felt the first outside kick with my hand on Saturday, and last night Tony was able to feel a couple kicks with his hand! I have no idea which baby it was, though ... :)

On another note, please pray for my health. After I finally felt like I was getting over morning sickness (and got back up to my pre-pregnancy weight), I got leveled by the flu this weekend. And, following on the heels of the flu, was a cold that I'm currently fighting. My immune system is nonexistent, and I know the twins will be fine, but I would like to start putting on some weight and feeling a little healthier.

Also, I scheduled my ultrasound for Monday, March 2nd. We'll call a lot of you to let you know what the sexes are once we find out, but I'll also post it here for those of you who blog-stalk me. :) As everyone says, though, we really just want a healthy report, no matter what the sexes are.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rebecca's Wedding

I'm sorry this took so long, but here are some pictures from Rebecca's wedding!
Here's the beautiful bride, showing off her beautiful dress!
And the entire wedding party, being a little silly. The other bridesmaids, Heather and Jane, were awesome! Glad I got to get to know you two!
Lastly, I thought I'd include this picture of Wes and the bridesmaids. Wes's face makes me laugh a lot. :)

We had such a great time, and it sounds like Rebecca and Wes are settling into married life quite nicely. Congratulations, you two!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update

I just got home from my 16 week check-up and wanted to update you as soon as I could! There aren't any surprises, like hidden babies, thankfully! The most important thing is that I heard both of their heartbeats again -- one baby is 150 bpm and the other is 145 bpm. Guesses on gender, anyone?

The doctor said that one is on top of the other one right now. I found a picture that shows where they're sitting, and it's the correct week of development, too, so you can see exactly what they look like. I apologize if it's a little too graphic for you!

She's sending me to a twin specialist for my ultrasound, so I haven't gotten to schedule it yet. It should be in about four weeks. I can hardly stand the wait!

Update: Tony's cousin left a comment asking if we're going to find out the genders. Yes, we're planning on it! We figure that we'll need to do as much ahead of time as we can, since they're our first, and there are two of them!