Monday, February 2, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update

I just got home from my 16 week check-up and wanted to update you as soon as I could! There aren't any surprises, like hidden babies, thankfully! The most important thing is that I heard both of their heartbeats again -- one baby is 150 bpm and the other is 145 bpm. Guesses on gender, anyone?

The doctor said that one is on top of the other one right now. I found a picture that shows where they're sitting, and it's the correct week of development, too, so you can see exactly what they look like. I apologize if it's a little too graphic for you!

She's sending me to a twin specialist for my ultrasound, so I haven't gotten to schedule it yet. It should be in about four weeks. I can hardly stand the wait!

Update: Tony's cousin left a comment asking if we're going to find out the genders. Yes, we're planning on it! We figure that we'll need to do as much ahead of time as we can, since they're our first, and there are two of them!


Sarah said...

Are you guys going to find out gender?

Jenia said...

Wonderful! That is just amazing, I am so glad you are keeping everyone updated! Hope you are feeling better.

Jenia said...

when you find out if one of those babies is a little girl let me know if you want any clothes... we have a few you could borrow;-)