Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Kicks!

I guess it's been a while since I gave a pregnancy update! I've been feeling "flutters" for about three weeks now, which is very exciting for me, but of course Tony couldn't feel them. I felt the first outside kick with my hand on Saturday, and last night Tony was able to feel a couple kicks with his hand! I have no idea which baby it was, though ... :)

On another note, please pray for my health. After I finally felt like I was getting over morning sickness (and got back up to my pre-pregnancy weight), I got leveled by the flu this weekend. And, following on the heels of the flu, was a cold that I'm currently fighting. My immune system is nonexistent, and I know the twins will be fine, but I would like to start putting on some weight and feeling a little healthier.

Also, I scheduled my ultrasound for Monday, March 2nd. We'll call a lot of you to let you know what the sexes are once we find out, but I'll also post it here for those of you who blog-stalk me. :) As everyone says, though, we really just want a healthy report, no matter what the sexes are.


Jenia said...

yea kicking! That is the best part feeling the baby(s) move! I hope you are feeling better soon. We look forward to hearing the news after your sonogram.... I also can't apoligize if I "blog-stalk" you:)

Anne said...

I have to admit to "blog stalking" you too, Heather. You probably don't remember me from the VanHorn BBQ a couple of years ago, but when Jenia told me you & Tony were expecting twins, I thought that was really cool. It's been fun reading your updates, so thanks from one of your stalkers. ;)