Saturday, March 7, 2009

21 Weeks

I know, it seems like it's been a while since I posted a belly picture. It's really only been three weeks, but look at how much I've grown! Believe me, I also know that it's only a fraction of the size that I will be in a few months. :)

Now that we know what genders we're having, we registered today for my baby shower. I had a minor meltdown (I'm not kidding) in the middle of Babies 'R' Us when Tony reminded me that we need to register for two crib mattress pads (again, I'm not kidding), because even though we'll only use one crib initially, they will have to be in two cribs after a while. And I thought I was completely ready for two of everything! I think the realization of how much having kids costs finally hit me. But, we walked out of there without any more problems, a little smarter than before. :)

And if you do happen to look at our registry, please help by letting us know if you see anything that we're missing. After all, we are doing this for the first time!


Jenia said...

Heather you look great! I hope you are feeling better these days. If you want my "baby supply" advice let me know, I will try not to give unsolicited advice:) Just a few of many things I have learned!! Take Care!

Sarah said...

What a nice little baby belly! (JUST WAIT!!).:) How exciting to go and register! That's definitely one of the benefits of having twins for your first ones.

Jeni said...

I LOVE the belly pic! Yeah! ;-)
I have no advice to give on baby registeries. My expertise lie in other not yet discovered areas! ;-)