Monday, March 16, 2009

22 Week Ultrasound

I had another ultrasound today ... sounds like they'll happen every two weeks for now, until they decide to do them every week. While it's fun and new now, I'm not sure I'll enjoy the time that they take out of my day eventually. Everything still looks great, though! Both babies weigh about 1 pound and still measure perfectly. Here's the highlight though -- a 3-D picture of "A" that we weren't able to get last time. She was wiggling a lot, and her forearms are covering her eyes, but you can still see her nose and lips.

And, if you want to compare the two girls, here's "B" from last time:

They sure look fraternal to me! We just can't stop looking at these pictures ... but that's what doting parents are for, right?


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I can't believe this has been up all week and I'm just now looking at it. How totally amazing these pictures are. love, (Tony's) mom