Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Biggest Shoe-ser

Well, I've done it. I've unintentionally lived up to another one of those old pregnancy stories. Anybody who is close to me knows that there's no way I would do this in real life, but here's proof.I decided that I need a new pair of shoes for work, since I'll be wearing flats a lot more in the next three months, and my old pair of flats was ... well, flat. I was in the middle of my second shoe store when I looked down and realized that, with my black shirt and gray pants, I was wearing brown flip-flops. Now, I'm no fashionista, but I at least match my shoes with my outfit when I leave the house! I was so embarrassed ... people were probably walking by me thinking, "yes, she definitely needs a new pair of shoes". :) Tony reminded me when I got home that he sometimes intentionally makes choices like this, which makes me feel a little better. :)

On another note, Tony and I went to the bi-annual Mothers of Multiples garage sale this weekend. (It's put on by an organization called Mothers of Multiples (MOMS), but anybody can come.) What I thought was going to be a relaxed morning of leisurely looking for bargains turned into something entirely different when we arrived exactly on time ... and there were already at least 300 people in line in front of us. It was an animal house! By the time we got inside, all the strollers and most of the other big items were gone, but we did snag some nice matching car seats/bases and a couple of other items. We feel good about saving at least a little money, buying a few things used instead of new. And when the next sale happens in August, we'll be there plenty early!

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Sarah said...

So, during my non-stress tests that I have once a week, I get to sit and watch a little t.v., and it's IN now to wear non-matching shoes!! Congratulations on being on the edge of fashion.