Thursday, April 30, 2009

I (bed)Rest My Case

As of yesterday, just like we suspected, I've been officially put on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. The specialist is predicting that I'll be able to carry the babies until 33 weeks, which would be the last week of May or the first week of June. My prayer is that I can get them up to 4 lbs each (about that same time frame), which is kind of a benchmark where their risk of developmental problems goes way down.

An interesting fact: first-time moms under 30 are the most likely to have problems with twin pregnancies, which is exactly opposite of single pregnancies.

At the ultrasound, though, they said the babies are doing great! They're growing perfectly, moving perfectly ... and here's a picture of A's face! It's not great quality, but I think you will be able to discern her fat little cheeks and big lips. :) The white part by her nose is her nasal bone structure. B was facing my back yesterday, so we didn't get to see her face.

There's nothing like a picture of the babies to brighten my spirits, even with all the discouraging news. :) Keep on praying for us!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good News!

I can breathe a sigh of relief for at least seven more days! Everything is exactly the same as it was last week, so the doctor gave me permission to stay out of bed for a little while longer. With a huge event coming up at work (don't worry - for me, it's just desk work), my prayer was for just one more week, and I'm so thankful to have that, if not more.

I'd like to give a "shout out" to Tony for being the awesome husband and daddy that he is! I've been resting every time we're home to try to prevent total bed rest, so he's taken over the housework and cooking for now. He's like Superman! I'm so thankful to have him as my "boyfriend for life". :)

And since I like to have pictures, here's Superman providing for the family in Alaska last year.
My next medical update will be next Wednesday, and as always, keep praying! We need these little gals to be healthy when they come.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

27 Weeks

Sometimes, even I'm amazed when I see these photos! I think my shirt is even getting too small ...

I've been meaning to post a BIG congratulations to Tony's cousin and his wife on the birth of their twins, Isaac and Josiah, at the beginning of the month! This makes 5 boys for their family -- just like I was the fifth girl in my family! Both babies are extremely healthy, and I hope mom and dad aren't too tired. :) Their set and ours are the only twins in the whole family -- it's just amazing that they're coming less than three months apart from each other.

As for my health, I'll post an update after my next appointment on Wednesday. Thanks for more prayers! We sure need them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mommy Update

This post might include too much information for some people, so I'll just apologize in advance. :)

This is a short update on my health, since I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. It looks like, as in more than half of twin pregnancies (apparently), I will have to go on bed rest in the very near future. I'm having more Braxton-Hicks contractions than my doctor is comfortable with, along with a cervix that is getting too thin too fast. I'm on medication to stop the contractions, and that's been going well, but I don't think it will prevent me from going on bed rest totally.

All that to say, keep on praying for the baby girls and me! We'll do whatever it takes to prevent premature labor (and huge hospital costs). Thanks for your support!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Shower - Part 2

I finally remembered to get some shower photos from other people! I'll put a few on here, but I also have a Picasa album you can look at, where I've combined and organized all the photos from different people.

The award for driving the longest distance goes to my college roommates, Katie, Heather, and Whitney. I hadn't seen them in way too long, so I was glad they were all able to make the trip!
My grandma and aunts actually surprised me by making the drive to Colorado as well. I was thrilled! In order, this is Aunt Ina, my sister Melissa (who is due at the beginning of June!), Grandma Virginia, Aunt Gail, my sister Becky, my mom, my niece Maya, and me.

And these are my hostesses for the day -- two of my coworkers and two of my ex-coworkers -- Blythe, me, Rebecca, Emily, and Karen. They did a fantastic job and made me feel so loved!

Everybody who came got to decorate a couple of onesies for the twins. There were some very clever ones!

I'll post one picture of me opening presents -- this one makes me laugh because I had no idea I was acting that excited. :) And don't forget to look at my web album for the complete set of photos!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Shower - Part 1

My baby shower last weekend was fantastic! This will be a short little post because my camera died, and I'm waiting to get photos from other people, but I wanted to give you a small taste of just how fantastic it was (no pun intended!).

In total, there were 25 people there, from my awesome coworkers who hosted the shower, to my mom and sisters, my grandma and aunts (who surprised me!), my college roommates, and a high school friend. It was so great to see all the support that we have while going into this unknown world!

More to come as I get more pictures!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Double Duchess Update

Here's an update from my doctor's appointments yesterday:

My ObGyn says that I'm on track for weight, and my belly is measuring where a single pregnancy would at 30 weeks (I'm at 24). Basically, it won't be too long before people start gawking at my size!

My perinatologist (fancy word for high-risk pregnancy specialist) says that the ultrasounds look great. He said we have nothing to worry about, except getting more and more uncomfortable all the time. :)

We didn't get any 3-D pictures this time, and they told me not to expect any more unless they have to for "medical necessity", but here are two of the basic ultrasound pics that we did get. My sister and my niece were able to join me for this one, which was fun! My sister said that she's "seen a lot of ultrasounds, but never that many body parts in one ultrasound". :)

We caught "A" in the middle of a yawn, but it's kind of hard to see. The black spot in the middle is her open mouth, and her arm is bent over her head. It was SO cute!

This is "B", looking straight at us. She looks a little grumpy ... maybe we woke her up ...