Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Shower - Part 2

I finally remembered to get some shower photos from other people! I'll put a few on here, but I also have a Picasa album you can look at, where I've combined and organized all the photos from different people.

The award for driving the longest distance goes to my college roommates, Katie, Heather, and Whitney. I hadn't seen them in way too long, so I was glad they were all able to make the trip!
My grandma and aunts actually surprised me by making the drive to Colorado as well. I was thrilled! In order, this is Aunt Ina, my sister Melissa (who is due at the beginning of June!), Grandma Virginia, Aunt Gail, my sister Becky, my mom, my niece Maya, and me.

And these are my hostesses for the day -- two of my coworkers and two of my ex-coworkers -- Blythe, me, Rebecca, Emily, and Karen. They did a fantastic job and made me feel so loved!

Everybody who came got to decorate a couple of onesies for the twins. There were some very clever ones!

I'll post one picture of me opening presents -- this one makes me laugh because I had no idea I was acting that excited. :) And don't forget to look at my web album for the complete set of photos!

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