Thursday, April 2, 2009

Double Duchess Update

Here's an update from my doctor's appointments yesterday:

My ObGyn says that I'm on track for weight, and my belly is measuring where a single pregnancy would at 30 weeks (I'm at 24). Basically, it won't be too long before people start gawking at my size!

My perinatologist (fancy word for high-risk pregnancy specialist) says that the ultrasounds look great. He said we have nothing to worry about, except getting more and more uncomfortable all the time. :)

We didn't get any 3-D pictures this time, and they told me not to expect any more unless they have to for "medical necessity", but here are two of the basic ultrasound pics that we did get. My sister and my niece were able to join me for this one, which was fun! My sister said that she's "seen a lot of ultrasounds, but never that many body parts in one ultrasound". :)

We caught "A" in the middle of a yawn, but it's kind of hard to see. The black spot in the middle is her open mouth, and her arm is bent over her head. It was SO cute!

This is "B", looking straight at us. She looks a little grumpy ... maybe we woke her up ...

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