Thursday, April 30, 2009

I (bed)Rest My Case

As of yesterday, just like we suspected, I've been officially put on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. The specialist is predicting that I'll be able to carry the babies until 33 weeks, which would be the last week of May or the first week of June. My prayer is that I can get them up to 4 lbs each (about that same time frame), which is kind of a benchmark where their risk of developmental problems goes way down.

An interesting fact: first-time moms under 30 are the most likely to have problems with twin pregnancies, which is exactly opposite of single pregnancies.

At the ultrasound, though, they said the babies are doing great! They're growing perfectly, moving perfectly ... and here's a picture of A's face! It's not great quality, but I think you will be able to discern her fat little cheeks and big lips. :) The white part by her nose is her nasal bone structure. B was facing my back yesterday, so we didn't get to see her face.

There's nothing like a picture of the babies to brighten my spirits, even with all the discouraging news. :) Keep on praying for us!

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