Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mommy Update

This post might include too much information for some people, so I'll just apologize in advance. :)

This is a short update on my health, since I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. It looks like, as in more than half of twin pregnancies (apparently), I will have to go on bed rest in the very near future. I'm having more Braxton-Hicks contractions than my doctor is comfortable with, along with a cervix that is getting too thin too fast. I'm on medication to stop the contractions, and that's been going well, but I don't think it will prevent me from going on bed rest totally.

All that to say, keep on praying for the baby girls and me! We'll do whatever it takes to prevent premature labor (and huge hospital costs). Thanks for your support!

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KarenRuth said...

Hey Heather!
I will definately be keeping you, Tony, and the girls in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything: Even running errands or coming by for a visit.
Lots of love,