Friday, May 15, 2009

A Cute Song!

I found the cutest song on another blog the other day, and I wanted to pass it along. It's called "We are One" by Renee and Jeremy. I think it's written as a kind of "global worldview" song, as you'll see in the video, but I like it for the twins because one of the lines says "you are you ... and there's never gonna be anyone like you". Maybe Tony and I will sing it to the baby girls!

And if you like that one, there's a more whimsical song by the same group called "It's a Big World" that's pretty cute.

I'll write a doctor's appointment update after my appointment this afternoon!

1 comment:

Paula Stiller said...

thanks for the song! i'll call you later today to see how the appt. went. you will probably like elizabeth mitchell as well.