Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Due Date!

It's July 17th -- the official due date of our girls! It's amazing to me that they've already been here for six weeks, and they should have been inside me until today. Aside from not being able to imagine two babies that big inside me (!), I thought today would be a good time to finish a posting that I started right before the girls were born, and never finished or posted because I went into labor, and other things became more important! I wanted to write about the moment that we found out we were having twins, so the girls can read it when they grow up. I apologize for the length!

For some reason, our doctor does an 8-week ultrasound for all of her patients' pregnancies. Tony and I both left work early so that we could see our little one, who we knew would only be about the size of a kidney bean, but whose heart would already be beating! Because of the shape of the room and the size of the ultrasound machine, Tony had to stand about 5 feet away from me during the ultrasound. When the doctor started, the first thing I noticed was that there were two "holes" in the picture, so I was trying really hard to remember what the second hole was, since I've seen plenty of ultrasound pictures in my life. I thought maybe it was the placenta, but there was a fleeting thought in the back of my head that most people don't see two holes. That was as far as I got in that thought process before the doctor started talking.

The doctor shifted the picture a couple of times, and then announced, "Okay, let's do this first!" It didn't strike me as funny, but I guess I should have been thinking, what's second? She moved the view so that the second hole disappeared, and we could clearly see the baby in the left hole. We could see his or her little heart beating, and I made sure Tony could see from where he was standing. He was already such a proud daddy! Then I heard the doctor say very casually, "And it looks like there's two!" while she moved the view again and the second baby showed up in the right hole.

It gets kind of fuzzy from this moment. I remember saying something like "what?" or "you're kidding, right?" or "really?" I remember Tony, who suddenly felt much farther away than five feet, saying, "No way!" and then, "I thought only special people had twins!" Mostly, I remember that neither one of us freaked out for even a second. We just embraced it! And now, on their real due date, we can't imagine life without either one of them. Happy "birthday", Hadley and Leila!


Melissa said...

Ok, so your story made me tear up this morning! Your girls are so precious. Give them hugs and kisses from us!

Jenia said...

Happy Birthday! So happy to finally meet you! love, Aunt Jenia