Saturday, May 16, 2009

Answered Prayer

Here's the long anticipated doctor update! I know a lot of you thought my appointments were on Wednesdays, but they gave me 10 days instead of 7 between appointments this time ... how nice, right? :) The first news is definitely answered prayer -- "A" already weighs 3 lbs 10 oz, and "B" weighs 4 lbs even! Like I said in a post not too long ago, 4 lbs is a major developmental milestone, so I'm very thankful to have reached it! They're even a little ahead of schedule with this weight ... my children are so advanced. :) My next prayer is to get them to 5.5 lbs each, because that's when they may not be considered premature, and they might even be able to come home right away after they're born.

The second piece of good news is that my body is actually holding steady, as well. I'm not sure the doctor sees this very often, because he didn't even know when to ask me to come in next. He finally decided that he doesn't need to see me for three more weeks! I will miss getting to see the twincesses in ultrasounds, but I'm not complaining about missing all the other stuff that they do at those appointments. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean a break in bed rest, but I think I can survive.

My family, friends, and blog readers must have a direct line to God, because the same doctor that has been telling me that we have between 1 - 3 weeks left is now saying he can't make an accurate prediction. Why does that leave me fearful that I'm going to have to deliver two, ten pound babies at full term, and have to spend 7 more weeks on bed rest? :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad it was good news. :) Now we'll pray for full term, but not 10 pounders. ;)