Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Assumed Memoriam

One of our cats, Copper, has been missing for 5 days now. She had learned how to use the dog door, so we couldn't monitor where she was at all times any more ... and last week, she just didn't come back. We've posted posters in the neighborhood, but Tony said that there have been foxes around lately, so we're not incredibly optimistic about getting her back.

So, in my effort to grieve (although not enough to replace her), here are a few photos of Copper's life in our family. Here she is when we brought her home -- so tiny! She had the loudest kitty meow I've ever heard.

Here she is trying to figure out what kind of shampoo she wanted to use that day. :)

And cuddling with our other cat, Grey. They loved each other, and Grey hasn't stopped meowing at night and wanting extra love since Copper left. It breaks my heart.

My parents' cat ran away in 2005, and it came back after 6 months, so I guess all hope isn't lost. Until then, though, we'll remember our independent, wild little kitty fondly.

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