Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twice Upon A Time

I love the memory book that my mom kept for me during the first year of my life, so I wanted to do the same thing for our kids. I found the cutest twins memory book online! It's called "Twice Upon A Time", and you buy one for each twin. It's written like a fairy tale, and the first part of the book concentrates on the pregnancy, and the twins as a set. The second part concentrates on one twin specifically, so you can talk about their individuality as well. I can't wait to start filling it out!


Bored @ Work said...

I think you should start leaving little hints and clues to the baby names. That'll give you something to do (and me) instead of watching all those trashy talk shows! ;)

The Gerster Family said...

So cute! I love that whole concept. :) Hope you are doing well...I keep praying for you and the girls safety and growth