Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Steps

Well, the beginning of the week has come and gone, and the girls aren't home from the hospital like I had hoped. The good news is that both of them are completely off all tubes, except oxygen, which they will probably come home on, and a feeding tube, which we only use when they get too tired to finish their own feedings. Hadley gets to nurse three times a day, and Leila gets to nurse two times a day. (Which means ... guess how my days are spent?) :) All we're waiting for is for them to start finishing every bottle feeding without using the feeding tube, and to start gaining weight consistently. The hard part is that there is no estimate on how long it might take for them to gain enough strength to do both of those things! The girls themselves control the situation, in a way.

As we're getting ready for them to come home, my mom came over the other day and painted a whimsical tree branch on the wall of the nursery. Cute, huh? My mom is so talented!

And since I know you like to see pictures of the girls, here are a couple. The first one is Hadley after her first bath. Daddy did her hair! :)

Leila hasn't gotten her first bath yet, because she was having some tummy trouble this weekend. Here she is with her eyes open, cudding with daddy.


Jenia said...

Cute as always. Tell Tony he does a great job with the hair. The room looks great. Thanks for the posts. I love keeping up to date on the girls:)

Cyphers Photography & Design said...

Tony and Heather,
Mitzie gave me your blog, and I am sooo happy to catch up with you two. Your girls are beautiful!! Congrats! I am praying that everything is going well and am excited to catch up with you guys.
Amy Cyphers