Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MiniVan Update

Well, it turns out that my appointments got mis-scheduled at the doctor, so my appointment yesterday wasn't quite as informative as I expected. I had hoped to get a new estimate on how much the girls weigh, but somehow that part didn't get put on the doctor's calendar. What was actually scheduled was a biophysical profile, which he's doing in replacement of the non-stress test that wasn't very successful last time. It looks at organ function and baby movement through ultrasound doppler. Everything looks great -- in fact, the babies were moving so much that the ultrasound tech was having trouble locking in on some of the measurements she needed. :) We did get a couple of pictures, too! Here's one of B's hand touching A's face. It's just amazing that they're already getting to know each other in there.
At another appointment today, with my ObGyn, I found out that I can be on very lenient bed rest starting on Friday. She wants me to rest whenever possible, but I can go grocery shopping, or cook a meal, or fold some laundry ... wait, what's the benefit of not being on bed rest again? :) After Friday, I can go into labor whenever the babies decide to get here. But if I go into labor before Friday, they'll try to stop my contractions with some medicines that have pretty terrible side effects. So ... pray them "in" until Friday, and then, for my sake, start praying them "out"!


KarenRuth said...

Ahhh!!! You are so close! Stay in there babies! Stay in there! (till friday).
I hope you have a restful couple of days on bedrest. You're almost there:)

The Gerster Family said...

So close! Yay! Once friday comes I will start praying so hard that they want to meet their mommy!