Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two Day Photos

Things are still looking good in the NICU -- the girls are both under bilirubin lights for jaundice, and there are still lots of tubes, but they're doing great! Here's a picture of Leila under the "billy" lights, with her little crack showing out of the top of her diaper. :)

The rest of these are of Hadley. She got her first feeding last night, and she gulped all 5 mL within minutes. We also got a good picture of her with her eyes open, and look at her tiny little toes!
Today, we hope to remove Leila's oxygen, and maybe even start feeding her as well. There's also a chance that Hadley can have her IV's taken out. Every day means lots of progress! Thanks to my sister Becky for being such a great photographer while Mommy and Daddy are preoccupied with holding and feeding!

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The Joneses said...

So excited for you guys and can't wait to meet the girls! Congrats!