Friday, June 12, 2009

Wombmates to Roommates

Today the girls got to move in together! They're in a double crib where they can snuggle with each other as much as they want. Having them together means that I got to hold both of them at the same time for the first time! Daddy hasn't gotten his chance yet, but we're heading up to the hospital soon to see them.

Some of you knew that I have been staying at the hospital under "hotel status" to be close to the girls. Today we decided that it was time for me to come home. I'll go to the hospital a few times a day, but I was feeling the need to get life started up again. Pray for Tony and I, as we're both getting tired, and getting anxious to get the girls home.

Lastly, we need your opinion! Based on the photos that you've seen, who do you think the girls look like? We can't see a lot of traits from either one of us or our relatives yet. Let us know what you think!


Melanie Woltje said...

Not sure who they look like, but they are both SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so glad to hear they are doing so well! We will be praying that you and Tony can get caught up on rest and that the girls will be home soon! Love and Hugs!!!

Luke Heim said...

That's great that they can "room" together now! I bet it's so nice to see them in the same bed. And to hold them together!

You will definitely have to post more pics before I decide who they look like. Or, I will just have to come visit :-) Love you!

The Joneses said...

That very first picture of Hadley you posted looks like you (Heather). Excited to see and read about the progress the girls are making. We're coming to visit soon!!!