Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Firecrackers

We spent the 4th of July at my sister's house with my parents and three of my four sisters ... which means there were twelve out of fourteen grandchildren there! None of us even realized how huge our family has gotten until we sat them down for this picture. I always think of that saying "all because two people fell in love"... but that's too corny to actually use in this posting, right? :)
For those of you who like to know, here's the list, from left to right, and who they belong to.
Naomi (Melissa), Titus (Becky) holding Leila (me), Maya (Becky), Simon and Jonah (Paula) holding Lucas (Melissa), Eli (Becky) holding Hadley (me), Maryanne (Melissa), Paige (Becky), Trinity (Paula)
Got that? We really missed Carrie with Sophia and Sampras, that's for sure!


Anne said...

That's quite a crew, but what a blessing! My parents have 6 grandkids and they just keep saying how blessed they truly are. :) Big families/lots of cousins are so much fun!!! :) Hope you had a really happy 4th!

Jenia said...

What a great picture of all the cousins! Looks likeyou had lots of fun:)