Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'll admit it: our girls have an addiction already. They're addicted to their pacifiers. :) The problem is, they don't have enough suck control or hand control to keep their Soothies in their mouths, and then they scream for Mommy and Daddy to come help. And I'm up enough in the night without getting up to replace binkies every five minutes. :) So, I turned to the internet. This is what I discovered -- the Wubbanub. Basically, it's a Soothie sewed to the face of a mini Beanie Baby. It adds weight so that the binkie isn't as easy to spit out (but not too much -- I'm not suffocating my children here), and length so that it's easier to hold on to. Here's Leila modeling it:

I told my sister that I wasn't getting one, and then I did it anyway. Desperate times lead to desperate measures, I guess! I'm undecided on whether it's actually helping or not, though. What do you think? Genius invention or useless money-making scheme?

Two things: we named the Wubbanub "Copper" in honor of our former cat. And does it look like Leila is about to punch the camera in that picture? :)


Jenia said...

I say.. whatever helps you get more sleep is wonderful!!! Then they have their "snuggly animal" and binky all in one!

Melissa said...

lol :-)