Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ruffle Bums

Is there anything cuter than ruffles on a baby's bottom? :)
The pictures are small, but you might be able to see Band-Aid evidence of our first immunizations today. The girls did awesome! I was so glad they didn't scream simultaneously for the whole appointment. And their weights ... a whopping 9 3/4 lbs for Leila, and 9 1/2 for Hadley! We're finally on the growth charts in the 10th percentile, instead of hanging out underneath the chart. I guess I'm feeding them right!


Anne said...

Cute little bums. ;) And yay for the 10th percentile!!! Way to go, mom!!

Jenia said...

I really miss those ruffled bottoms! They are really cute and so glad to hear they are gaining weight so well, can't wait to see you all soon!