Friday, August 7, 2009

Origami Mobile

Who said I wouldn't have time to do anything when the twins came? :) I just finished this origami butterfly mobile that I created from scratch. Won't it look good with the tree mural my mom painted in their room? (I haven't hung it yet because there's no hook in their room.) I'm just glad I got done yesterday, because from 3 - 9 this morning, the girls wanted to eat every two hours, and I don't think they're old enough to push too hard to wait yet. That's not very BabyWise of me ... :)

They're not hard to make if you want to know how ... or, since I have extra supplies, you might even be able to persuade me to make one for you!

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Lisa said...

Heather and Tony!!! Congratulations on your beautiful little girls!!! What a great surprise to see how happy you two are and that you have two beautiful little baby girls. I am so happy to hear that they are both doing really well. I was thrilled to see a link to your BLOG in the Sterling Magazine! Oh yeah, I should probably tell you that this is Lisa Stenberg (from Sterling!!!). I would love to hear from you guys. My email is Jared and I just welcomed a beautiful girl (Macy Rose) into the world in December- so I understand all of the joy you are experiencing... Take care you two and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh yes, and I LOVE the mobile!!! You are so creative!!!