Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girly Girls

Well, I never thought I'd like putting bows on my girls' bald heads, but let's admit it -- they're adorable. :) Plus, I think it helped the nursery workers at church remember which was which.

Yesterday I put the girls on the same blanket for a little bit of tummy time. They have both rolled over a couple of times, but nothing regularly. As soon as I laid Leila down, she rolled over ... right on top of Hadley. They clunked heads and both started crying ... I guess that's the end of a shared blanket!

Anyway, I moved Hadley, and when I came back, somebody else had taken her place. I really think Willow loves Leila. Or she thinks if she hangs out with the girls, I might give her some attention too ...


Rebecca said...

Poor Willow.... If only Roxie would adopt Hadley, then each girl could have a puppy dog! Oh, and cute pic of the girls.

Jeni said...

So very cute!