Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Man Who Lets Me Dream

The girls just finished up a major 3-month growth spurt. Wow, they should warn you about that when you sign up to be parents! They were eating every two hours for a few days, and nights were no picnic either. From the time they were born, Tony has wanted to be as involved as possible with the girls, and since he can't feed them :), we made an agreement that I would only get up in the night to feed the girls, and he would get up with them when they were being fussy. I think he regretted that agreement this week! There were a couple of nights that he took a pillow into the nursery and stayed with the girls so that I could get some sleep. Thankfully, I think they're done with the spurt ... until the next one.

So, here's to Tony -- the man of my dreams who lets me dream. :)

Tony and Hadley in the hospital

Tony and Leila in the hospital


Sarah said...

We are so blessed to have such wonderful husbands!! Brian and I have a similar unspoken agreement about nighttime fussiness/nighttime feedings.

Anonymous said...

I opened this siye by mistake and could not resist a catch up peak.
WOW! The girls are like real people now - see the personalities starting to emerge.
A peek always puts a smile on my face!