Tuesday, September 8, 2009


One of the perks of having twins is that Tony and I didn't have to choose whether to use a name from his family or my family for our first child -- we just used one of both! This weekend, we traveled back to Kansas, where Leila got to meet hers for the first time.

Here's Leila Elaine with Great-Grandma Myrna Elaine (Tony's grandma). Elaine means "bright light", which we think is perfectly fitting for both of them, and we hope that Leila will have her great-grandma's love for life, which everyone around can see. (Happy 60th anniversary, Max and Myrna! We enjoyed getting to spend time with you!)

Hadley Luella, on the other hand, got to meet her Grandma Mary Luella (my mom) on the day after she was born. Luella means "female warrior" or "famous elf" ... and even though we know Hadley is our more dominant baby, those are not the traits we wanted to pass on to her! Instead, we hope she takes after her grandma's patient spirit and thoughtful heart.


Jenia said...

I did not know their middle names were family names... I should've asked long ago! We had a lot of fun with you all this weekend! See you in November:)

Melanie said...

Our kids' middle names are 'family' names, too... I absolutely love the historical aspect of it, and I hope the kids will take interest in it, too (eventually)! Can't wait to see you in November!!! Love and Hugs!

Becky Grant said...

Mom is the greatest prayer warrior I know...so maybe being a female "warrior" is a good thing :) Love Becky