Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hadley / Leila
(The strawberry costumes are from Tony's aunt and cousins. Thanks, Carole, Brad, and Gina!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post a Caption II

It's been about four months since I've asked you to post a caption ... way too long. Here's a great one of Hadley in the bathtub. Let's see what you've got!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Crafty

With the help of my amazingly creative sister, Melissa (I'm not neglecting to mention the rest of my creative family, either!), I just finished this wall hanging for our bedroom. I had the idea, and Melissa created an Iris Folding pattern for me to do it! The whole picture is made of little folds of paper (see the bird), which gives it great texture. Those of you who have been to my house will notice that the walls are a new color, too. Even though there's a pack 'n' play in the bedroom (you can see that the bed is off-centered to make room for it ... and the girls only use it for naps), we're on our way to claiming "Mommy and Daddy's space"!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thumbsucker, Part 2

Oh, did I say we had one thumbsucker? I must have been mistaken. Here's Leila, caught in the act!

Also, here are the girls in their "Boo!!" outfits from Grandma. Scary, huh? (Leila/Hadley)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We've got a thumbsucker! At first, it was just when Hadley lost her binkie at night, but it's developing into an all-the-time habit. I know it's not the healthiest habit if it continues long-term, but right now I'm okay with it ... and I think it's pretty adorable. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Little Pumpkins

See the theme? Don't tell Tony he's the fat one ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Do I Do It?

A lot of people have e-mailed me since my last post, asking how I saved so much money on my last grocery trip. The answer is simple(ish): I don't do the work myself. I owe all my grocery success to It's a local blog, run by a lady in my church (although I didn't know that when I fell in love with the site!). Every week, she takes the sales from all the local grocery stores (at least six last time I counted), tells you what coupons to use with the sale item, and rates the price 1 - 5 on how good the deal is. So:
  1. I subscribe to the Sunday edition of the local paper (and I'm thinking about getting Denver's paper on Sundays, too).
  2. I label the coupons from the paper with the date and stick them in clear page protectors in a 3-ring binder.
  3. I read and decide what my family needs for the week, or what we should stock up on for the future. Stockpiling when the price is good is a major rule!
  4. I use to find exactly what date a particular coupon came out in the newspaper.
  5. Sometimes I print coupons from or if they have something that my insert coupons don't.
  6. Cha-ching! My favorite grocery store also puts how much you saved at the bottom of the receipt, so I don't sit around adding up how much I saved, just so you know. :)

For those of you who don't live in my town, maybe there's a local blog for your city. There's lots of good stuff out there on the internet if you look for it!

On another note, I dropped our camera a couple of days ago -- which isn't surprising, considering I was trying to take a picture of one baby while nursing another baby. :) Thankfully, we had planned on getting a new one since ours was 4 years old, and we actually already had some money set aside for it! However, that means you might not get some new photos for a little while. Sorry! I guess that means you'll have to look through my archives to see just how far we've come. Happy reminiscing!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goodbye Grey and Giant Grocery Gains!

Even though I won't be writing her a memorial like our other cat, we did decide to give our cat of 2 1/2 years away this week. On an especially stressful day, I looked around the house and realized 1) we feed her; 2) we clean her litter box; 3) we clean up her hair from everywhere ... and what do we get in return? Constant meowing, which had started to wake the girls from their naps. In her defense, she missed Copper, and we weren't giving her the love she needed, which is why she had started meowing. Hopefully the family that we gave her to can give her what she needs!
Also, I have to brag on myself a little bit. Combining coupons and sales at the grocery store, I spent $60 and saved $110 this week! Definitely my best grocery week yet. It was so exhilarating! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leila's Look

I just walked outside for a second and saw some snowflakes coming down. I'm not ready for winter! You would think I lost my summer because I gave birth to premature twins or something. :)

Leila has always concentrated really hard on what she's doing, even since birth. I got a classic picture the other day and thought I would give you a few of "Leila's Looks".

You'll remember this one from a few days after we got home from the hospital. Leila (right) is thinking really hard about whatever she's looking at (look how big those pants were!) ...

...and October (left). Hadley's funny in this one too. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Festivities

We got all bundled up for a day outside at the Harvest Festival this weekend! We went with two of my sisters and five of their kids. We had so much fun! It was about 60 degrees at the warmest, but the girls snuggled with us in their front packs and did great! We tried to get a picture of them in a wagon, but you can see the result of that. This is actually the best picture, as Leila digressed into crying more and more for each additional picture. :) (Leila / Hadley)
And here's my favorite picture of our whole family so far! It seems like there's always a baby crying, or a baby looking like she's really uncomfortable, but we all look pretty happy in this one! (Leila / Hadley) Happy Fall, everyone!