Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Festivities

We got all bundled up for a day outside at the Harvest Festival this weekend! We went with two of my sisters and five of their kids. We had so much fun! It was about 60 degrees at the warmest, but the girls snuggled with us in their front packs and did great! We tried to get a picture of them in a wagon, but you can see the result of that. This is actually the best picture, as Leila digressed into crying more and more for each additional picture. :) (Leila / Hadley)
And here's my favorite picture of our whole family so far! It seems like there's always a baby crying, or a baby looking like she's really uncomfortable, but we all look pretty happy in this one! (Leila / Hadley) Happy Fall, everyone!


Jenia said...

It looks like lots of fun!

Luke Heim said...

Yay! I took your favorite picture :) You guys have a beautiful family. Love you!

Jeni said...

What a great family photo! So cute!