Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chipotle Cuties

There's a new shopping center open in my area of town! We're so excited to have some shopping, grocery, and restaurant options a little closer to our house. Feeling like Panera soup-in-a-breadbowl? Well, there's one about two minutes away!

There's also a Chipotle in the shopping center, and on the night that it opened, it was giving away free burritos to the first 100 customers. Tony and I packed up the girls after naptime and headed over, hoping to score big time ... but by the time we got there, the cashier said we were probably about 200 people too late. Oops! We bought burritos anyway and headed home, hanging our heads in "I've missed a deal" shame. But wait! There was an employee stationed by the door, and apparently the first 100 customers were not babies, because they still had lots of free Chiptole bibs and onesies to give away! We'll take free clothes anytime!

Here are my little burritos in their Chiptole clothes:
Hadley modeling the front
Leila modeling the back

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