Thursday, December 10, 2009

On Solid Ground

My beautiful baby girls started solids last weekend! They're doing awesome already, and we've done rice cereal and sweet potatoes so far. Is there anything cuter than a baby with cereal all over her face?


Doesn't this one just steal your heart? (Hadley)

On a related note, for all you moms out there, I'd like to give a glowing review to our amazing highchairs! These Chicco 360 Hook-On highchairs are one of the only things that we have purchased new instead of used, and here's why: they save us a ton of space in our little house, the chair seats up to 35 lbs and rotates 360 degrees (which is handy for a hundred reasons), and it has a snap-on tray (most hook-on highchairs don't). AND the whole thing fits into a little mesh bag for traveling!

Oh, and as long as I'm reviewing things, I'll mention something else. Many of you know that I am making and freezing my own baby food, instead of buying jarred food, to save money. I figure that I'll save about 50% in the few months before my girls can start eating finger foods. To help me in my efforts, I purchased a used Beaba Babycook. You should check it out -- it's a European all-in-one baby food steamer/blender/defroster. I can honestly say that I can survive without it by using the stove to steam and our blender to puree, and I wouldn't recommend paying full price for one by any means. But I really enjoy the easy set-up and clean-up of having everything in one product!

Enough commercialism ... we see enough of that at Christmastime as it is! :)

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