Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weeping for Willow

At Thanksgiving, in a move that I'm sure you all saw coming way before we did, we decided to give Willow away to Tony's brother and his family. Once again, it was an effort to reduce my stress at home, so our pet family is down to only one, Roxie, our Shiba Inu. We love Willow so much, and we miss her a ton, which is why we made sure we gave her to a family that would treat her right, and who we get to visit all the time!
Here's just one of the things we'll miss about Willow:

Also at Thanksgiving, we got the six VanHorn granddaughters together for a picture for the first time! It was so fun to pick out their coordinating outfits and go to the portrait place. The three in the striped sweaters are the new owners of Willow! I see lots of tea parties in her future.

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Melissa said...

The girls will miss Willow, too :-( I'm glad she went to a good home :-)