Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pappa's Deux

Is it just me, or are the girls starting to look more like Tony? Maybe it's the glasses... :)



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Lei!

We've got a sitter!

What do you think she's trying to say with her four fingers? "I only hit my head four times today while working on sitting up!" Or, "I want my favorite football team to get four touchdowns today!" Or, "I was born on June 4th!" I'm sure it's something like that. :)

Although Hadley isn't sitting yet, she is rolling over consistently, which Leila isn't doing. So, they're taking their own paths to reach the same goal ... which I have a feeling they'll do all their lives!

Also, I am proud to announce that Leila slept all night last night for the first time! I've been dreading the inevitable time when I was going to have to let them cry to get them to sleep all night, since in my heart I know that they're not waking out of hunger anymore. Last night, Leila didn't wake up when Hadley started crying, so I let her sleep, knowing that I would probably have to get up again in the night to feed her when she did wake up. (It's the golden rule of twins to always feed them at the same time, but I let it slide just once!) She snoozed right until 7 a.m., their normal wake up time! Was it a one-time accomplishment? Maybe. But I think it will help me not worry that they're starving when I do let them cry.

And yes, that is my Christmas tree in the background. On January 17th. I assure you that it came down this afternoon. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Suspiciously Similar...

(This is Hadley. I know most of you think the girls look exactly alike, but I promise she looks more like the Gerber baby than Leila does.) :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Post a Caption III

(This is Leila, in a reflection of the mirror in the backseat of the car. Happy captioning!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Picture Perfect

This is Hadley, in a headband that I made out of baby tights for my sister's photography business. She obviously didn't like the headband, and was on the way to nap time before I even tried to take the picture ... so it's my fault for the crying ... but I think this picture is darling! :)

Last week, I sent this picture to a friend who doesn't have kids, and she replied by saying something like, "I like this picture -- I read all these baby blogs that make it sound like life is perfect with children, when you know it's really not!" (Sorry for the paraphrasing, Rebecca!) Also, at Thanksgiving, I told my sister-in-law that I'm tired of reading blogs of parents who make it sound like they have everything together. So, here is my admission: life isn't perfect, for me or my children.

*I haven't had eight straight hours of sleep (or seven, for that matter) in seven months. I'm sure Tony can count the number of full night's sleep for himself on one hand, too. *At least once a day, there is more than a few minutes (and sometimes much more) of crying in my house as I choose which baby to help/feed/hold, and which one can wait a few minutes. *A couple of months ago, Leila fell on her face from the couch to the floor. She wouldn't let me put her down for at least an hour afterward. *For two straight months, I barely left the house because it was already nap time by the time I was ready to walk out the door. *I got lazy with giving bottles to the girls, and now they have forgotten how to drink from a bottle. Which means I can't leave them for more than 3-4 hours at a time. And I'm leaving them for a week in May. (Bottle training: New Year's Resolution!) *Oh, and my other responsibilities, like cooking and cleaning? I bought 17 frozen pizzas on sale a little while ago, expecting them to last at least six months, and they're already gone.

Realistically, though, that's only a few things, and I have so much more than that to be thankful for! *I have happy, healthy babies, who sleep well and love to play. *I have a husband who loves his children so much that I think one of these days he just might pop. *I have a (huge) amazing family that I just got to see. *I have friends who are willing to visit me on days when I just can't get out of the house.

And that means, although life isn't perfect, and there are frowns in our house like Hadley's in the picture, the smiles outweigh them (almost) every day.