Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hadley the Horrible

So, we've established that Leila has her signature look. What is Hadley's signature, you might ask? Right now, it's her ferocious growl. Yep, our daughter spends her days growling, to nobody in particular. I have no idea how she discovered it, but I think she likes the way it sounds or the way it feels in her throat. This video isn't great quality, because we use the video on our digital camera, and the light in our house isn't always great ... but the sound is what matters anyway. (Oh, and the sound you hear in the background is Leila jumping in the Exersaucer.)



Jenia said...

That is cute! I like the growl:) ALL of our girls would lay in their beds at night when they were little, like your girls, and just growl and growl! It is funny!

Anne said...

I love baby growls. :) And it's really fun when you can say "what does a lion say?" and they growl back at you. :)