Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leila's Look, Part 2

Remember Leila's look, from October? Well, she's working on a new one. In this video, I was trying to show her while she unstacked the rings, but she was too curious about the camera. Watch for the head tilt, three times. This was the first time I saw her do it, but she spends most of her days looking around like this now. (I'll admit that the mother inside me is blowing it out of proportion, scared that her eyesight is bad already!)

Yes, it's true, I spend most of my time taking pictures and videoing the girls lately. They've got so much personality! It's safe to say that you can look forward to seeing more videos as they keep growing up -- way too fast, in my opinion.

Oh, and a little update -- the girls got their second RSV shot on Monday, and Hadley weighs 15 lb 15 oz, and Leila weighs 16 lb 1 oz!

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