Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sew Meaningful

One of the first things Tony likes to tell people about my dad is, "the guy is surrounded by so many women, he started quilting!" Okay, but he also just tagged his elk for this year, so I think there's a good balance. :) Dad makes a quilt for every grandchild after he or she is born, with their name written in the blocks. (During pregnancy, there is lots of pleading to please name the baby something short!) I cherish the gift that my girls received for Christmas this year: their quilts.

Aren't they beautiful? They're made mostly from denim. Some of the fabric is just scraps, but others are from clothes that my mom and other special people have worn out and given to Dad to use as a meaningful touch. I'm thrilled to have such a special gift from Grandpa that the twins can have for a long time!

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Anne said...

Wow!! What a great gift Grandpa gave them! And doesn't Barry sew in their house? Perhaps Tony needs to ask for some lessons! :) Beautiful quilts, what a talented daddy you have, Heather!