Friday, March 5, 2010

9 Months Old


Technically, the twins 9-month birthday was yesterday, but I think you'll cut me some slack. :) We are having so much fun right now! Today, Leila rolled about 8 times in a row, but she got hung up on a tub of wipes, so she couldn't go any further. (I moved them, but then the fun was over.) Hadley's been spending her time working on picking up tiny things with her fingers, and she's getting pretty good! Watch out, world -- here they come!

On Mommy's end, we just got back from my first-ever trip to the grocery store in which I tried to use the stroller AND a grocery cart. You people with ONE baby in ONE car seat that can snap into the grocery cart have no idea! It was clumsy and kind of annoying AND I didn't realize my coupons didn't scan correctly until I left the store ... so I think my best bet is just to go shopping in the evening when Tony can stay with the girls. And that's okay. I just wanted to see if I could do it! :)


Sarah said...

I went grocery shopping once with the babies and Noah, and he pushed the cart a lot while I pushed the stroller. It was so cute. Some little old lady actually gave him a dollar.

Jenia said...

Happy 9 months Hadley and Leila!!!