Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Just a couple pictures of my gals today. Hope your day is wonderful!

Hadley's latest face

Leila, being sweet in the bathtub.
(That's a drool rash on her chest ... but even all that drool hasn't brought any teeth!)


Jenia said...

Adorable!!! Seriously, we are going to have to see you all soon! July is way too far away:)

Anne said...

Tyler ALWAYS had a drool rash. :) He would soak through at least 2 shirts a day. And now I can't get him to stop licking his lips, so he has a red rash from doing that too. He looks like he's wearing clown makeup. :) You've got some CUTE girls there, Heather! I know you're enjoying them.