Friday, April 16, 2010

Cute As a Button

After a long break from being crafty, I finally had some time and inspiration to finish something this weekend. I found these vases in the Target $1 section and thought the colors were perfect for the girls' room!I thought they were a little funny on their own, so I brainstormed, pulled out my ribbon stash, looked through my mom's jar of buttons, bought some wire, and came up with this. Fun, huh? At a total cost of $5, you can't go wrong. Speaking of being as cute as a button, here are my gals at the park this weekend. It was gorgeous outside, and they were in their new sundresses. (Hadley/Leila)We were responsible parents, and had them wear hats in the sun. These are hats that my mom gave them -- they're kind of bohemian chic, right? :) It was also their first time on the swing! Hadley had a great time, but Leila hated it.


Anna Kristina said...

I love the button bouquets in the vases - what a great idea!

Paula Stiller said...

can i come eat your girls for breakfast? they are so cuteee!!! :) love ya sis!

Carolyn said...

You were really creative with buttons and vases! Your girls were darling in the sundresses!