Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Five Phrases

By the time I was confident enough to get out in public with my twins, it only took me a little while to realize that there are only five things that people say to a parent of twins:
1. Oh my -- you've got your hands full!
2. Are they identical?
3. Do twins run in your family?
4. My sister/aunt/second cousin has twins!
5. I always wanted twins!

(Another one of my favorites is, "it must be nice to get all of your babies out of the way at once!" All of them? I usually respond by telling the person that we plan to have more children, and they look at me like I'm a freak show.)

Anyway, I read a blog called How Do You Do It? Moms of Multiples Tell It Like It Is that has been a fantastic resource for every stage of twins. Recently, one of their contributors wrote a post on the last catchphrase I mentioned -- I always wanted twins! It puts my thoughts into words exactly. If you do click on the link to read this article, please finish reading the whole post. The first part is a little sarcastic, but the last part wraps it up nicely. Once again, the good outweighs the bad. :) Just thought I'd give you a spin on things from a Mother of Multiples perspective.

And here are my increasingly mobile babies
, in a little time lapse at the VanHorn household. No crawling yet, but there's lots of rolling and scooting. These were taken just a few minutes apart from each other. (Leila front / Hadley back)


Hillary B. (from MO) said...

I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled upon your blog (I believe it was from my HS friend's blog, Abby Chou) but when I did I was so excited to see your twins-- one of which has the name of our 4 1/2 year old...Hadley! I've loved reading your recent posts as we have a 7 1/2 month old daughter Brynley too. Congrats on your twins and may they continue to bring you sooooo much joy!!

Tony and Heather said...

Hillary, thanks for reading! How exciting to hear of another Hadley! We absolutely love the name, and since it means "from the Heather field", it's a great fit for our family. :) Abby and I go to church together, and I enjoy getting to know her. I hope you keep reading, and enjoy those girls!