Friday, May 28, 2010

Hide and Seek

Life right now is just a game of Hide and Seek!

Hide: Hadley's favorite thing to do is put anything cloth over her head. (Or, apparently, my lotion bottle will do the trick, too.) She wears it like a hat, or covers her face and plays peek-a-boo with it. She also likes to chew on anything fabric -- especially her socks, and wet washcloths.

Seek: Leila is a true adventure seeker now that she's crawling. Her favorite places are inside boxes, looking out the window, laying on the dog bed with Roxie, and under anything that will fit her. She's also pulling up onto her knees, so it won't be long before she pulls up onto her feet.

Can you believe my babies are turning ONE in a week? You can look forward to some birthday posts from me -- I'm thinking about doing one a day all week, but you aren't allowed to complain if I don't. :)

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