Wednesday, May 26, 2010


By now, you know how crazy I've gotten about couponing. In fact, since I talked about it on the blog, it's gotten worse (or better?). Remember this post, where I was so proud that I spent $60 and saved $110? I now spend $60/week total on groceries -- and that includes baby food, diapers, cleaning products, health and beauty products ... basically everything but clothes, and maybe I'll get there someday, too. And the amazing part is, in the coupon world, $60/week isn't that good, so don't go thinking I'm some sort of grocery savant! :)

The other day, I was brainstorming about how to make trips to the grocery store with the twins less stressful. I thought maybe I could invite a retired friend of mine to do our grocery shopping together -- then we could each be responsible for one baby, we'd both get our shopping done nicely, and have some time together as well! Then, my mind took it one step further: maybe, if she goes grocery shopping with me, and sees how much I save, I can convert her to couponing!

The moment that I had that thought, a realization hit me. I talk to people about couponing all the time. I constantly tell people about Springs Bargains, my all-time favorite website (which happens to be run by a friend of mine). I list all the things that I purchased on a grocery trip and make them guess how much I spent. I'm really fun to be around. :)

Here's the realization: never, not once, have I gotten as excited about inviting somebody to church as I just got about inviting somebody to the grocery store. Never, not once, have I thought that maybe if I got them to go to church with me, I might be able to talk to them about Jesus.

Wow! If I want to justify myself, I don't know many people who aren't Christians. Raised in the church, Christian college, Christian workplaces, great Christian friends. But that's not an excuse. I need to get my priorities straight. Like my friend Carrie says, instead of talking about saving money, I should be talking about the greatest saving story ever told.

Is there something in your life that you are more eager to talk about than Jesus? Just a thought.


Jenia said...

If I could figure out how to spend JUST $60 a week my husband would kiss the ground I walk on :) JK!!

Seriously... Thank you for the great reminder of the best savings... the saving grace of Jesus and how eager I should be to share that!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's too late for you to see this, but you just made my heart swell with joy. Well, with conviction too. May I use that for a devo one of these days? I'll give you the credit of course.
Love, Mom