Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Party: The Celebration

Yay! I have been so excited to blog about the birthday party for all of you! I'm going to do it in two parts: The Celebration and The Family. Let's get started!

My nephew is only five days older than the girls. That's right, Grandma and Grandpa got three grandchildren in five days last year! So, of course we had a joint party with all three of the babies.

The Theme: Little Miss Twins and Mr. Happy, from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books from the 1970's and 1980's.

The Invitation:
As you can see, we tried something that might become a tradition -- asking for no gifts. Last year I read that Americans spend more on Christmas gifts alone than it would take to provide clean, sustainable drinking water for the entire world. Yeah, that's enough for me to rethink the way we look at gifts. I'm still thinking about how to address it when the girls get older, but for now, since they don't know the difference, no gifts. We are blessed beyond belief anyway.

The Outfits:

My splurge was these onesies, which I ordered online.My sister was more frugal than me by making Lucas's shirt, but I did make the twins' tutus and hair bows. (Do you realize how impossible it is to get one sitter, one crawler, and one walker to sit still for a picture AND smile?)The Decorations:
I didn't do very much in the decoration area. I used some strings of lights that I got at a swap party (shout out to Naomi!), some balloons that I got for free from something else, and tablecloths that I already had. The only thing I made was this, using my mom's Cricut machine:Oh, I also collaborated with my mom on some fun "nametags" for everyone there. We printed out a bunch of the different Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, and mom made badges out of them with her Cricut. Who were Tony and I? Why, Little Miss Brainy and Mr. Perfect, of course! (Hey, I can pick whichever characters I want, right?) The Cake:
My sister Becky makes the most delicious cakes, and she did an awesome job making the Little Miss Twins and Mr. Happy characters in frosting, don't you think?
The little cakes for the one-year-olds.

Phew! I'll let you "savor" those pictures for a while ... family pictures to come, although it might be next week. Such a blast!


Jenia said...

What a wonderful party! I love Little Miss and Mr. Men that was so creative, the girls look adorable. I do wish we could've been there. Looks like you had lots of fun, can't wait to see you all soon... it is getting closer:)

Landon said... are Amazing!!!!

Sarah said...

Very creative and cute! LOVE their tutus!! Will you make me one? :)

Anna Kristina said...

So cute! And have you contemplated asking for donations instead of gifts? Like things from the World Vision catalog or (what Ian is doing for his birthday) Charity Water. It would be a good way to still get excited about birthdays as they get older, for people to give in recognition of their birthdays, but also, allow them to get excited about helping others! You probably already thought of that, but I thought I'd throw it out there. :)

Kate said...

So cute Heather! How did the applesauce cakes go over? ;)

Tony and Heather said...

@Sarah, I would totally make you a tutu if you promise to wear it when we see each other!

@Anna, yeah, I'm thinking along those lines, but I don't want them to have to sit there on Christmas Day while their cousins open presents, either... it's a tough line to draw.

@Kate, the applesauce cakes went ... right into the trash. :) I told my sister to do what she wanted with them, and she spoiled the kids by making them their own little sugary cakes! That's what aunts do best! I didn't mind.