Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Year Twin Stats


Three days until Hadley and Leila's first birthday! Wow, can you believe how the time has flown? At this time last year, I had been on bed rest for four weeks, and was patiently waiting for an undetermined amount of time until I went into labor -- it could have been another hour or another month!

The year since the twins were born has been BUSY, to say the least. Out of my own curiosity, I did some research and number-crunching on what our first year has been like. I/We have:
  • Changed 4,000 diapers
  • Produced 6,500 ounces of breast milk (that's 50 gallons!)
  • Made 600 bottles of formula
  • Made 1,000 servings of homemade baby food
  • Sang 2,000 lullabies
  • Read 500 books
And that's just taking care of the babies! Somehow, we had to squeeze in eating and sleeping, too. Here's the best part: it was a JOY. Okay, maybe there were a few "unjoyful" moments ... but right now, we're talking about the good things. :)

Don't my girls look all grown up in their overalls?


Abby said...

Wow, those are some impressive numbers. Your girls do look all grown up in their overalls! I can't believe how quickly they're growing. We need to get together sometime--it's a bummer that I see more of you on your blog than I do in person! ;)

Weiss' said...

Wow they are getting so big and I can't believe it has been a year already. CRAZY!! Well I love you and miss you- Bev