Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Sometimes, it's the littlest things that make me happy as a mother. Seriously, and you're about to see for yourselves. Have you seen the new Huggies diapers that look like jeans? They're adorable, and I just had to have some for the girls. One sale and three coupons later, of course, I was the proud owner of a few packs.

(1 - Hadley; 2- Hadley/Leila; 3 - Leila, 4- Hadley)

Tony calls the diapers their "daisy dukes", and has already warned them that when they get older, they can't wear clothes like this. :)


Mom Korf said...

Those are really cute! Glad Tony warned them...!
For the first time ever I see a
little bit of Korf in Leila's eyes and smile (third picture down).

The Gerster Family said...

Those are cute!

Hey...I need coupon help. Can you email me some of your secrets? do you mind? my full name at hotmail... :)